who are we???

Michael prince, co-Owner and ceo

When Michael was 9 years old his grandfather started teaching him how to cook pit barbecue.  At the age of 12 he cooked his first whole hog on a cinder block-built pit in Tifton, Georgia.   Michael has been turning out stellar barbecue since 1988.

Michael is a graduate of the University of North Texas. Michael recieved his culinary training from the Institute of Hospitality & Culinary Education at Collin College.

tu bones bbqhistory

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    the name

    The name Tu Bones derives from Michael's late grandfather Tvester "Tusome" Prince.  All of his grandfather's friends would call him "Tu or Tusome".

    So in rememberance of the man that meant the world to him and started him on his barbecue journey at the age of nine, Michael decided to keep his grandfather's name famous by naming his bbq company Tu Bones BBQ!!!

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    the work

    The staff of Tu Bones BBQ work extremely hard at what they do.  Day in and day out we perfect our culinary craft by creating some to the most incredible dishes ever tasted.  Our quality speaks for itself.

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    The flavor

    Our bbq is slow smoked over a combination of post oak and pecan wood.  This mixture give meat a unigue flavor profile, smokey taste and  makes of food some of the best bbq in the country.  Once you taste our food you will for sure be hooked on the flavor and taste.

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    the Love

    Tu Bones BBQ's sauces enhances the flavor of our food.  Our sauces will have your mouth tasting savory and that spicy Tu Bones kick on the back of your tounge. Tu Bones BBQ sauce is a recipe handed down from generation to generaion.  We put passion into everything we do...and where there is passion...there is love!

Kind wordsfrom clients

  • Big Mike, Bruh thank you for taking care of the food. Hands down, it was excellent.

    b. cullum
  • Mike, the food was on point! U cooking for ur wedding to? LOL!!!! His food turned out pretty damn good

  • L. hill
  • Best brisket I've ever had". "Omg the beans are amazing". "The chicken is a little messy, but it is sooooo good"

    s. turner
  • I'm a potato salad connoisseur myself and this is among the best I've ever had!!!


    Pardon my language.... but someone just ate your brisket and I got an "oh my gosh, holy sh*t"



    G&M Law firm